V'Day Flower Tea

Choose Your Flower Tea

Get a complimentary pack of magical flora goodness with every purchase of juices till 5th March.

Liver Nourishing Tea

Ingredients: Chrysanthemum, cassia seeds, wolfberries, honey suckles, osmanthus, burdock roots.

Benefits: Boost Qi, nourish blood, soften blood vessel, moisture lungs, expel phlegm, soothe the liver, heat dispelling, detox, protect liver.

Detox Flower Tea

Ingredients: Rose, peach flower, globe amaranth, forget me not, marigold. white chrysanthemum, stevia sweet leaf.

Benefits: removes pigmentation, detox, moisturizes dry skin, reduces yellowish complexion.

Whitening + Slimming Tea

Ingredients: Lotus leaf pieces, roselle, lemon slices, golden side rose.

Benefits: Slimming, reduces cholesterol, improves complexion, lower blood pressure, increase metabolism.

Throat Moisturizing Tea

Ingredients: Snow pear, globe flower, osmanthus, jin sang zi, jade butterfly, malva nuts, stevia sweet leaf

Benefits: Good for smokers, relieves cough, reduce heat in lungs, soothes sore throat, quench thirst.



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