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SLIM SIA Cleanse is made up of carefully selected juices that have high water, fiber and amino acid content, with minimal calories. It effectively aids in the burning of fats while fending off hunger and keeping the body hydrated.

Aside from detoxifying, it also accelerates metabolism, keeps gut health and nervous system in check.

Includes 6 bottles of 500ml juices + bonus fresh coconut water:

Celery Pay Day: Weight Loss, Nerves
One in a Melon: Bones, Eyes, Hydrates
Five Green: Detox, Weight Loss
Digestive Juice: Weight Loss, Digestion & Anti-Cancer
HeartBeet: Heart Health, Anti-Cancer
Vanilla Almond: Weight loss, Nerves, Anti-Cancer
In A Nut Shell (100% Fresh Coconut Water): Hydrates, Cooling

How does it work?

The Juice Cleanse is designed to be consumed independently from food. The bottles are numbered in the order of consumption for added convenience. Cleansing is achieved through eliminating your body's burden of breaking down the additives, chemicals, stimulants, hormones and pesticides consumed in our daily diet. In addition to flushing toxins, the antioxidant and enzyme-rich juices fuel your body with nature's best organic fruits and vegetables, acting as catalysts for better health. Click here for the complete Juice Cleanse guide

Note: Do not substitute medical treatment with juice cleanse.
The image is for illustration purposes. The bottle may come in different shapes, juice color may differ across seasons.
If more than 1 day of Juice Program has been purchased, sets will be delivered daily to ensure freshness.

To customize your own cleanse program, simply inbox us at with the 6 juices of your choice + 1 Coconut water!

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