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Statistics have shown that one out of 10 Singaporeans suffered from constipation.

Digestive problems such as bloatedness, constipation, indigestion, and heartburn destroy our mood and productivity. That's why it needs immediate attention.

With that, we've put together Juice Pack that is rich in fibers, essential nutrients as well as detoxification properties.

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Note: Do not substitute medical treatment with juices. If you're taking medication, do consult your doctor before having the products. The benefits of juices are based on studies and research, while results are not guaranteed. 
The image is for illustration purposes. The bottle may come in different shapes, juice color may differ across seasons. We practice bottle recycling.
Juices are freshly prepared with a limited shelf-life of 72Hours
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Celery Pay Day: Detox, Gut & Nerves
(Pure Celery)
Highlights: Celery is a great Detoxification agent that helps soften stools and promotes healthy bowel movement. Best drink on empty stomach in the morning.

Digestive Juice: Detox, Gut & Liver
(Cabbage, Red apple, Carrot, Chia Seeds)
Highlights: Fiber-rich juice that promotes digestion, reduces inflammation and acid reflux. Vitamin U in Cabbage is effective in healing the stomach lining and get rid of Gastritis.

The Sailor Man: Immunity, Energizer
(Kiwi, Green apple, Spinach)
Highlights: Improves digestion of protein and keep your energy and immunity at the peak.

Icy Onglai You:  Healing, Cooling
(Pineapple, Pear, Cucumber, Mint)
Highlights: Contains Bromelain and cooling properties that aid digestion, soothes gastritis, anti-bacteria and anti-inflammation.

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