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With Singapore's hot weather and endless good food, we just need a quencher to cool us down at times, as well as curb the heaty symptoms such as mouth ulcers, a sore throat, and cough from all the feast.

Yeah, we know that you're hot... But being too hot can be a fuss too. Hence, we've created a pack of heat remedies that cools and heal our bodies.

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Note: Do not substitute medical treatment with juices. If you're taking medication, do consult your doctor before having the products. The benefits of juices are based on studies and research, while results are not guaranteed. 
The image is for illustration purposes. The bottle may come in different shapes, juice color may differ across seasons. We practice bottle recycling.
Juices are freshly prepared with a limited shelf-life of 72Hours
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Highlights: Coconut is the only natural distilled water that help hydrates our cells and cooling down our body

Rapunzel: Immunity, Hair, Energizer
Highlights: This Vitamin C rich juice will pump up your immunity and get your body ready to fight the infections and promote speedy recovery.

Icy Onglai You:  Healing, Cooling 
Highlights: Pineapple and mint herb have anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the swelling and keep mucous at bay. While Pear and Cucumber keep our cells hydrated.

Five Green: Detox, Weight Loss
Highlights: This popular "Cooling tea" originated from Hong Kong has had a long history of not only cooling our body, but also it detox and weight loss effect.
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