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Fruitful Yusheng + Fortune 6 Juicy Bundle.
Level up your CNY celebration with the healthy yet delicious combo of Fruitful Yusheng and Mougou's best-selling cold-pressed Juices & smoothies!
A vibrant touch of 100% natural fruits and vegetables adds a healthy balance to the festive bingeing.

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Note: The image is for illustration purposes, ingredients are packed individually for best freshness. Yusheng packaging and juice bottle may come in various patterns and styles. As we use fresh and natural ingredients, their color and taste may differ across seasons. Products are freshly prepared with limited shelf-life and best consumed within 48 Hours and 72 hours for Juices.
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Fruitful Yusheng - 100% plant-based

Same Enjoyment, More Goodness

Main Palette Ingredients: Carrot, Cucumber, Guava, Turnip, Mango, Kiwi, Green & Red Apple, Beetroot, Roasted Almond Slice, Pumpkin Seeds
Crystal Koi Jelly: Fresh Coconut Water, Red Dragon Fruit and Konnyaku Powder
Passion Honey Dressing: Cold-Pressed Orange & Lemon Juice topped with Passion Fruit Pulp and sweetened with Honey

Fortune 6 Juicy Bundle

Best-selling cold-pressed Juice & Smoothies, Reg 250ml.

Icy Onglai You:  Healing, Cooling
(Pineapple, Pear, Cucumber, Mint)
Highlights: Contains Bromelain and cooling properties that aid digestion, soothe gastritis, anti-bacteria and anti-inflammation.

No Worries: Nerve, Detox
(Celery, Green apple, Kale, Lemon)
Highlights: A Low-calories refreshing green juice with potent minerals that prevent oxidative stress, detox, and calm nerves.

Heart Beet: Heart Health, Anti-Inflammation
(Orange, Kale, Beetroot, Carrot)
Highlights: The heart is our body's main engine. Heart Beet contains a rich source of nitrates, potassium, and anti-oxidant that regulate cholesterol and maintain heart health

Digestive Juice: Detox, Gut & Liver
(Cabbage, Red apple, Chia seeds)
Highlights: Fiber-rich juice that contains Vitamin U, promotes and heals your stomach health

Green Day: Skin, nerve & anti-viral
(Green Apple, Lemon, Mint)
Highlights: Rich in antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties. It lock the youth of the skin and boost metabolism.

Summer Blush: Hydrate & Heart Health
(Watermelon, Strawberry, Lemon)
Highlights: High water content and rich in heart-healthy minerals. It keeps your cells hydrated and leaves a healthy blush on your face.

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