February 15, 2021

Ever thought of going on a juice cleanse, but cringe at the idea of gulping down a bitter green liquid? Not with MouGou Juice! A mother and daughter business, MouGou juice creations aren’t only healthy but you’ll enjoy every sip. Packed with heaps of nutrients and vitamins, these fruit juices are uniquely Singaporean with names such as Slim SiaDefence Gao and Glow Wor. Who said healthy foods gotta be serious?

If you’re planning on a juice cleanse but clueless on where to start, try their Juice Cleanse Pack. Meant to drink independently from food, cleansing helps to remove additives, chemicals and stimulants consumed in our daily diet. It’s time to give your body a break and rejuvenate it with nutritionally crafted beverages.

Opt for The Zhun (Bull’s Eye), with specially crafted mix which aims to flush out toxins in your body and delivers optimum targeted health benefits. Pick from Slim SiaHealing SpreeDefence Gao or Glow Wor, each pack comes with 6 bottles of 500ml juices. Or try The Ho (Good-o-Classic), it is the perfect pack for beginners and experienced juice cleansers. This pack helps with overall health vitality such as improving the digestive system and boosts skin and heart conditions.

Don’t miss out on our other products such as Cold-Pressed Juice, Nut Mylk and Fresh Fruit Treats! With more than 10 years of experience, we are committed to providing only the best healthy beverages for you. With MouGou Juice, your first step to a healthier you starts right here and now.

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