June 07, 2020


Juice cleanse is a type of detox diet that involves the consumption of only vegetable and fruit juices for a short period of time, typically one to five days. You may find out more about the complete juice cleanse guide here.

While there is a lot of different information about juice cleanses available on the internet, we have personally consolidated the top 6 benefits a juice cleanse can offer based on studies and real-life experiences.


  1. Elevates Detoxification

    By temporarily eliminating solid and processed food, a juice cleanse reduces stress on the gut, and enables toxins and accumulated waste products to be flushed out easily. This gives the body time to heal and recharge, while also providing the body with essential vitamins and phytonutrients.

  2. Promotes More Efficient Absorption of Nutrients

    The process of cold-pressing helps the juice retain almost 100% of the nutrient content of the ingredients. Not only that, when fruits and vegetables are consumed in juice form, their nutrients are 5 times more easily absorbed into the body than when they are eaten in solid form.

  3. Creates a Clean and Lasting Energy

    Cold-pressed juice floods our body with minerals and nutrients that are vital for our body. In most cases, for the first three to five days, individuals start to feel a wave of difference in their energy. This type of energy is very different from the highs and lows you may experience with sugar or caffeine.

  4. Healthy Weight Loss

    A juice cleanse can facilitate healthy weight loss, albeit temporarily, with minimal calories intake while still nourishing the body with essential nutrients. For sustainable weight loss, it is recommended to commit to a healthy diet following the juice cleanse. While weight loss from a cleanse may be temporary, a juice cleanse can still be the kickstarter to incorporating a healthier diet.

  5. Improves Digestion

    A juice cleanse can increase the amount of health-promoting bacteria and lower the number of illness-causing bacteria in the body. It also improves bowel movements by facilitating the smooth motion of food matters in the intestines.

  6. Mental and Spiritual Clarity

    Research has shown that the gut can influence mental health, and vice versa. Cleansing promotes better gut health and increased mindfulness of an individual’s personal diet. At the same time, cleansing also eliminates unhealthy foods that trigger fatigue, weaken digestive health, or worsen emotional well-being, from a person’s diet.

With that said, if you find yourself riddled with lethargy, poor digestion, a weak immune system or wish to shed those extra kilos, hop onto a juice cleanse journey with us to get the reset and rejuvenation you deserve!

Click here to for the complete guide on how Juice Cleanse works!


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